10 Powerful Sales – Creating Words to Use Today Over the Phone & At The Point Of Sale!

Inside Message From W.V.H., Inc. staff before you review our special Post today.

At many speaking engagements or web events, Bill Harris will say, “The words that YOU use at the point of sale and over the phone are as important to YOU as a calm hand is to a surgeon.”  Then Bill will give you a powerful sales- creating word, phrase or sentence. While he might have hundreds, we asked Bill to create a short list of “10 Powerful Sales-Creating Words.”

10 Powerful Sales-Creating Words to Use Today Over the Phone & At The Point Of Sale!

Here are 10 powerful words and, more importantly, how to use those words in sentences with prospects and clients today.

#10  Diversify – “If you do diversify, you are less apt to be seriously affected if  interest rates, the stock market, inflation, and assurances go in the wrong direction.” or (smile) “My Dad always said to never put all of your eggs in one… (allow them to answer and say) Oh, he told you too.”

#9 Printing – “I would like to begin completing the application which will acknowledge that you want to (now state a benefit like) pay less current income taxes on your bank interest.  May I begin?”

#8 Why? – Whenever you  hear a general objection,  ask, “Specifically, why do you feel that way?”

#7  Devastating – “May I show you 5 risks that can have a more devastating effect on your retirement savings than a 20% loss in principal?”   By the way, they are:  1) current taxation, 2) inflation, 3) lack of diversification, 4)  living longer than expected, and 5) possible changes to Social Security.

#6 Market Losses – “What would your spouse say if they found out that you had the  opportunity to protect your retirement savings from market  losses due to market downturn or fluctuations and YOU didn’t do anything about it?”

#5 Erode – “May I show you how inflation can erode 50% of your purchasing power?”

Friends, since inflation has averaged 4.1 % since 1973 to present, guess how many years it will take for $1.00 to erode to 50 cents in purchasing power. Send me your guess via a message from my LinkedIn Profile Page.

#4 The money you have – “With the money you have in the bank, you must pay income taxes on the interest regardless to whether you leave the interest in or take the interest out. With the annuity, you ONLY pay income taxes when you take the interest out.”

Friends, some call that “tax control.”

#3 Pick-up – “May I show you how a Non-Qualified annuity can pick up where your IRA leaves off?”

Friends, at our speaking events, naturally, we give you the words to say after they answer “Yes” to your questions.

#2 Better way – “Can you think of a better way to (now mention the benefit like) ‘protect your money’ or ‘get potentially higher interest rates than Bank CDs’ or ‘never outlive your money.'”

#1 Best Place to Meet – “Where is the best place to meet for 15-30 minutes. Your house? My office? Or  your favorite coffee shop for coffee and pastry?”

Friends, a) always show them the risk of getting together with you like 15- 30 minutes of their time and b) remove anxiety a prospect feels when a (exaggeration intended) “stranger” is asking to meet them at home at 9:00PM at night to talk about ALL of their money. (Smile) Make it fun and easy and meet them at Starbucks, I Hop, Panera, etc.

Under Promise & Over Deliver

All of us should “Under Promise & Over Deliver.” If you promise a client or prospect an answer in 3 days, give it to them in 1 day instead.

In our Amazon book “75 Secrets: An Insider’s Guide To Bank CDs, Annuities, and Retirement Planning,” we promise 75 annuity point of sale presentations but we give 100 different annuity point of sale presentations instead.

Speaking of our book on Amazon which sells for $100, you might want to hold off buying it since we are giving a FREE signed copy of the book at many of our live speaking engagements across America.

In Order To Over Deliver, Here Are 2 More Powerful Sales Creating Words. Do You Want More?

#1 Wise decision – When a prospect or client gives you an check, you NEVER say “Thank You.”  Instead, you say, “You made a wise decision.”

#2 Solutionist – When describing what you do, you should proudly announce that you are a Solutionist.  You pinpoint problems like “potential market losses,” “low bank interest rates,” & “longer life expectancies” and you offer Solutions like “Fixed Index Annuities or Multi Year Guarantee Annuities or Lifetime Income Riders.”

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