12 Weeks to Doubling Your Referrals in 2018

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Double Referrals


Join Todd Mauney and learn how to build your referral dream team and implement a 12-week strategy to double your referrals and favorable introductions in 2018. Follow this straight forward 3-part process to enjoy a sustainable stream of new business from clients, centers of influence and alliance partners through the year.

Referrals and introductions still represent the largest source of new clients for financial professionals. Ironically, it also remains the biggest untapped potential for many as well. Todd will show you three tiers of referral strategies, each addressing a more focused group of sources and more qualified leads:

  • Passive – we’ll show you 4 specific ways to be more referable.
  • Active – proven strategies for getting more people talking about you
  • Direct – a step-by-step guide to building a referral “dream team”

He’ll unpack each tier in more detail as part of a 12-week process for doubling your referrals in 2018 and show you how to design a referral strategy that works for you, that’s fun, consistent and easy to implement.

You’ll also learn:

  1. Five powerful strategies to become more referable.
  2. Six specific ways to accelerate advocacy
  3. Four steps to getting 9 favorable introductions a quarter

Because we know the road to failure is littered with good intentions, you’ll learn how to turn these great ideas into an implementable plan leveraging the most advanced methods for getting things done. Focus is the new competitive advantage and that’s what he’ll help you do!

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