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If you are not currently participating in the life settlement marketplace, then you are missing out.

Worse yet, you’re exposing yourself for breach of your fiduciary duty to provide all the options that exist with respect to their policy.


  • There are roughly 38 million life insurance policies owned by American seniors with a total death benefit of more than 3 trillion dollars. As it stands today, nearly 88% of universal life insurance policies and almost 85% of term life insurance policies never actually result in a death claim.
  • The number and amount of lapsed policies by Americans over the age of 65 is staggering; more than 250,000 policies with a combined face of $57 billion are lapsed or surrendered back to the life insurance companies every year. This figure only includes UL and VUL policy’s with an average face of $225,000 and if you add Term and whole life policies to the mix, the number jumps to $112 billion.
  • Life settlements are both highly-regulated – 42 states currently have comprehensive insurance laws covering over 90 percent of the US population – and well-regulated – only one consumer complaint involving life settlements has been reported received by state insurance regulators nationally over the past four years.
  • Policy owners who sell their policies receive a lump sum payment that is four to eight times more than if they lapsed or surrendered their policy, according to government and university studies.
  • The money that seniors receive from a life settlement helps them invest in their retirement, maintain their standard of living, and pay for health care and long-term care costs, among other things.

We are the proven leaders in the life settlement marketplace since its inception. 

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