Four Small Changes That Can Make a Big Difference

Running a professional office is essential in this business. The more professional you are, the greater impact you have on your prospects and clients. Sometimes you may not even realize how the things that you are (or aren’t) doing effect your business. Below are four examples of how small changes can make a big difference in your business.

  1. Confirm Appointments

Think about when you schedule a doctor or dentist appointment. Generally speaking, you almost immediately receive a phone call or email as a reminder for your scheduled appointment and the day before your appointment, someone calls you to confirm.

When we first started in this business, we were reluctant to confirm appointments because we thought it would give the individual the chance to say they didn’t want to come in. So, we just waited and hoped they showed up. In your own personal life, how many appointments may you have forgotten about and missed if it weren’t for that confirmation call? Probably at least a couple. Not only is this a way to gently remind your clients of their scheduled appointment, but it shows the prospective client that your time is valuable. Just like your doctor or dentist. It is that important.

  1. Perfect Your First Impression

I attended a conference where a successful producer gave a talk about her business model and how she conducted her business. She showed everyone a photo of her office and pointed out a fish tank. She said, “The fish tank gets a lot of positive comments.” It’s special because a lot of people don’t see such nice offices. You can’t have a redo on first impressions. Why? Because they are first.

Making a positive and lasting first impression is incredibly important. For instance, how do you feel walking into the Ritz Carlton lobby versus walking into a Motel 6? At the Ritz, you are treated special and you expect to be pampered. At the Motel 6, not so much. Of course, this important first impression must be followed up by excellent customer service.

Making people feel important and valued goes a long way when you’re presenting them with a solution to a financial dilemma. So look around your office and make it as special as you can.

  1. Track and Analyze

In our business we track everything whether it be the number of leads we receive per seminar, the success of offers and giveaways, or if a seminar held on a Tuesday has better results than one held on a Thursday.

Perhaps the most important thing we track is cost per lead. Say a new prospect costs you $100 to secure, but you only make $105 in new business from that lead. Are you actually making any money? If you spend $1,000 per new prospect and make $5,000, now you’re making money!

It’s not what you spend per prospect; it’s how much you put in your pocket at the end of the year. Tracking everything will allow you to determine what works and what doesn’t. Only then can you put more effort and dollars into what works best for your business. And you may realize sometimes you may have to spend a little more in order to make a lot more!

  1. Be Transparent. No Surprises.

Recently, I decided to use the “TRUE Car” app to shop for a new car for my wife. I typed in the car I wanted and where I lived and within fifteen minutes I received a call from a nearby dealership. I asked if they had the car in stock that matched what I wanted, and the sales representative said they did. I really didn’t want to waste any time, so I let them know I would be by tomorrow to purchase the car. I showed up the next day, and they said they had sold the car the night before. Needless to say, I couldn’t believe it, and told them I would never do business with a place that implemented these types of dishonest practices.

What is the lesson here? Be transparent! If they had simply let me know there was a possibility that the car may sell by the time I made it in the next day, I may have gone to the dealership and purchased it immediately. Then they would have another happy customer instead of an unsatisfied one!

Tell people what you do so that there are no surprises. If all you do is sell annuities, then say so. This way when a potential client comes in for a consultation, they’re already aware of what you are going to talk about & what specific services you can offer them. It makes things much easier for a one- or two-meeting close.

Click here and let me know what you think about these practices and any suggestions or techniques that have made a difference in your business.

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