5 Compliant Reverse Mortgage Strategies Helping Advisors Make More Money

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5 Strategies


Join Don Graves and start making more sales now!

Only 16% of advisors know how to incorporate reverse mortgages into their client conversations, and those who do are seeing a tremendous difference in their practice.

Why? Because the home is the biggest asset most Americans have – on average accounting for nearly two thirds of their total wealth – yet it is often left out of retirement planning conversations. It’s a large omission due to the fact that 87% of retirees own their own home.

In this workshop, reverse mortgage expert, author, thought leader and professor, Don Graves, will share five ways advisors are using Housing Wealth to have more conversations that lead to greater revenue without ever using the proceeds of a reverse mortgage. It is 100% compliant!

Learning how to include Housing Wealth in your daily conversation with clients is the easiest way to stand out as an advisor, bring more sustainability to your practice and generate greater revenue.

You will discover how the five strategies produce:

  • More Annuity Sales
  • More Life Insurance Sales
  • More Long-Term Care Sales
  • More Assets Under Management for Longer Periods of Time
  • More People Calling Your Office

Differentiate yourself from the half million advisors who sell life insurance, annuities and long-term care!

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