5 Steps to Getting Your Online Marketing Off the Ground

There’s a lot of information, and misinformation out there on online marketing.

After you wade through all of the tips and tricks, it all really comes down to one thing – Get the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

This infers that only certain (the right) people need and will buy your product or service, these people will engage you and/or purchase on their timeframe, and they’ll only do that if you have crafted the right message (establishing credibility and authority in your market).

Let’s take a look at the 5 steps to a successful online, digital marketing campaign.

  1. Craft a powerful message

Take some time to discover who makes up your target market and craft a company message that best conveys the value that you deliver.  Invite everyone in the company to give input and you’ll come up with some terrific ideas.

  1. Get a Client Relationship Management System

A CRM is simply a system to hold your contact information and will make it easy for you to segment your list using custom fields.  You may want to segment your list by where your prospect is in the sales cycle, by geography, by lead source and/or by the product or service you are presenting. If you don’t segment your list, you’ll not be able to send the right message to “the right people”.

  1. Get an Email Marketing System

It’s said that most people don’t engage until after 5 contacts – this is where automated emails comes in.  Choose an Email Marketing System that integrates with your CRM so you can simply instruct the system to send a series of messages to a certain segment of your full list.  Your Email Campaign will automatically send a series of 5 – 7 messages over a predetermined period of time.  With integrated systems, as you add people to your CRM, they will automatically be added to your Email Campaign.

  1. Start LinkedIn Prospecting

LinkedIn is a great tool for prospecting.  All you need to do is get a premium account, search for your target market and “Connect” with them.  Then, monthly, export your list into your CRM and Email Campaign system.

  1. Begin Facebook Advertising

This is a more advanced strategy; however, I can save you a lot of time on failed campaigns by directing you to first, advertise to send people to your online educational content (your blog for example).  Second, you’ll place ads to “retarget”, inviting them to an educational Webinar.  Nothing more quickly establishes you as a credible expert than a good Webinar.

There’s really nothing scary about online marketing. Treat people the same way you would in person – build a relationship, deliver content that will help them become knowledgeable on your industry, present your product or service in a compelling and value oriented way and then give them the opportunity to choose you in a method that’s convenient for them.