7 Powerful Sales- Creating Words to Use Today at The Point–Of Sale & Over The Phone!

  1. Devastating– “May I show you 5 risks that can have a more devastating effect on your retirement savings than a 20% loss in principal?” (Those effects are: 1) current taxation, 2) inflation, 3) lack of diversification, 4) living longer than expected, and 5) possible changes to Social Security).
  1. Market Losses– “What would your spouse say if they found out that you had the opportunity to protect your retirement savings from market losses due to market downturn or fluctuations, and you didn’t do anything about it?”
  1. Erode– “May I show you how inflation can erode 50% of your purchasing power?”
  1. The money you have– “With the money you have in the bank, you must pay income taxes on the interest regardless of whether you leave the interest in or take the interest out. With the annuity, you only pay income taxes when you take the interest out.” (Friends, some call that “tax control”).
  1. Pick up–  “May I show you how a Non-Qualified Annuity can pick up where your IRA leaves off?”
  1. Better way– “Can you think of a better way to… protect your money? Get potentially higher interest rates than Bank CDs? Or never outlive your money?
  1. Best Place to Meet– “Where is the best place to meet for 15-30 minutes… your house? my office? or your favorite coffee shop for coffee and pastries? Friends, a) always show them the risk of getting together with you, like only 15- 30 minutes of their time and b) remove anxiety a prospect feels when you, (exaggeration intended) “a stranger,” is asking to meet them at their home at 9:00 PM at night to talk about ALL of their money. Make it fun, easy and give them a quick getaway & meet them at Starbucks, IHOP, Panera, etc.!

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