Rob Liano

If all the world’s a stage, Best Selling Author and Sales Strategist Rob Liano is front and center. A visionary trailblazer and thought leader, Rob is a highly-respected entrepreneur and business advisor, consistently sought out for his groundbreaking innovation in sales training, coaching and consulting. By pairing some old–and a wealth of new–techniques, he developed a logical, innovative and non-failing system of selling. His work ethic, dedication to refining his craft, and straightforward manner of delivering a message, enabled him to become a sought after sales strategist. His methodology has transformed struggling businesses into multi-million-dollar producers. Cited by: USA Today, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN and

Endorsements include Fortune 500 companies Estee Lauder, UnitedHealthOne, Assurant, AT&T Mobility and Humana.

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