Addressing Objections

The most effective way to address objections for Annuities and Life & Health Insurance are to follow 4 important steps:

Step 1: Learn how to uncover their real objection.
Step 2: Learn how to isolate the objection that you have uncovered.
Step 3: Learn how to address their objection.
Step 4: Learn how to close after you have addressed their objection successfully.

Last year, objections may have been the one major barrier that prevented you from helping & selling success. This year, you can handle almost every objection using proven, time-tested strategies & scripts.

Part 1: How to Uncover Their Real Objection

Our first responsibility is to uncover the prospects’ real objections. Many prospects & clients give us brush-off objections like, “Sounds great! Let me think about it.” instead of giving us their real objections.

Why do they give us brush-off objections? There are 4 reasons:

  1. They are not aware that they have a need (problem), or they do not see the urgency of solving that need right away.
  2. The prospect wishes to remain non-confrontational so they do NOT want to debate or discuss their real objection.
  3. There is anxiety when saying “Yes,” plus the fear of making a BIG mistake.
  4. The two of you have not created a bond of rapport and trust.

How To Uncover The Real Objection

For those who have attended our web conferences or speaking engagements, you have heard me say, “The words we use over the phone, or at the point of sale, is as important to us as a calm hand is to a surgeon.”

Unquestionably, the words you use to uncover the real objection become extremely important. While we have a library of proven words, phrases, and key questions, here are two words that can enhance your career, and maybe change your life.

  1. “Specifically”

Prospect’s Objection: “I would like to think about it.”

Your New Response: “Specifically, what would you like to think about ?”

Prospect’s Objection: “I would like to discuss this with my spouse.”

Your New Response:  “Specifically, what would you like to discuss?”

Are you being pushy?  Not if you feel passionately that the product you are recommending can help them achieve financial & emotional independence.

Are you rushing your prospect to make a “yes” decision?  No, since the word “specifically” helps you ascertain IF the annuity is in their best interest.

For example, if they open up and say that the reason they want to think about it or discuss it with their spouse is because they will have less than 12 months of income, the word “specifically” has just helped you ascertain that an annuity is NOT in their best interest.

In Part 2, I will cover the second word that will help you get the real objection surfaced, and how to isolate the objection so you really know what is holding them back.

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