All-New Proven Sales Presentation for Advisors in Any Market

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Sales Presentation


No prospects have any time today because everyone is overwhelmed and too busy. So, unless you have a very compelling story to tell, no prospect will give you the time you need to help them do what they need to do to protect themselves. Whether in retirement or in everyday life, you need a simple story that captures their imagination and makes them ask for more information. There is a way.

Jim Ruta, who has been coaching advisors around the world for 40 years on the best sales approaches, will discuss his new strategy, “If Money Were No Object” (IMWNO), and if it’s the right approach for any advisor anywhere, in today’s market. 

You’ll discover how IMWNO…

  • Starts with the best first question ever and then uses a simple question where “no” means “yes” to get client engagement and buy in.
  • Is easy for any prospect to follow and works with any financial services discipline.
  • Handles many compliance concerns and works with an individual or team approach.
  • Provides the foundation for complete fact finding that the client wants to complete.

Better yet, you don’t have to change the rest of your approach because IMWNO layers on top of other approaches to open the door for your story and strategies! But, if you want to be more compelling and convert more new prospects into clients, you want to take in this simple new strategy. It will make you better, more professional and prosperous at the same time!

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