Annette Bau

Annette Bau, CFP® practitioner, has been a strategist and advisor to the top 1-2% of entrepreneurs and business owners reaching the upper echelons. She has become known as The Millionaire Insider from her 30 years of advising, strategizing, and researching millionaires, affluent women, and entrepreneurs. Over a decade ago, she founded, one of the most successful performance masterminds for advisors and entrepreneurs in the world. She founded in 2000, providing insider secrets on how to create a financially free life you love. Her vast knowledge in the areas of practice management as well as increasing retention, referrals, and repeat business through relationship marketing have made her a sought after business consultant and international speaker. She is a foremost expert on the psychology of wealth and success combining neuroscience with real world application which is reflected in the results her members achieve. These results include increases of revenue  up to 775%, referrals up to 1025%, and new assets up to $80 million (all in one year or less).

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