Another $100 Million In Sales – ECA Marketing’s Momentum Continues.

Eden Prairie, MN May 24, 2016 – ECA Marketing surpasses 100 million dollars in premium once again during the month of April. This demonstrates the power of ECA Marketing’s distribution channel which is a national network of independent agents and financial advisors. The agents and advisors are independent and their partnership with ECA is built on a principle of mutual benefit and support. The independent agent and advisor is out in the field doing the difficult task of helping clients with their financial needs, it was their hard work that ultimately lead to the stellar month.

Joe Spillman, President of ECA Marketing commented “one reason we have continued to surpass sales milestones is because of shifting demographics where consumer demand for guarantees and lifetime income annuities has increased” because fixed annuities are often the preferred financial solution for millions of retiring baby boomers seeking an income they can’t outlive. Mr. Spillman also noted that ECA’s commitment to innovation and providing value to their independent agent network has been instrumental to their success, and is part of their competitive advantage.

The ECA Advantage includes innovative marketing programs, business tools, and efficient and dependable back office support making the agents job of working with clients in the field a more efficient and effortless task. Another contributing factor is helping agents to navigate the complex and fluid regulatory environment by helping answer and unravel the questions, confusion, pending lawsuits etc., having to do with the new DOL Fiduciary Rule. Agents know ECA is forward thinking and preparation for the future is always a high priority. ECA is developing responses to multiple regulatory scenarios depending on the final implementation of the DOL Fiduciary rule. Mr. Spillman, commented that “No one knows what this regulation will end up looking like but ECA is working to make sure we are ready – no matter what the final outcome is”.   Mr. Spillman stated that it’s essential for them to effectively address the new regulations enabling their field agents to focus on what they do best – helping their clients.

The insurance industry has often been slow to adopt new technology. However, ECA Marketing took steps to innovate new value added services as part of their ECA Advantage. As an organization focused on reaching all generations of agents and clients, they recently expanded their staff to include a Social Media and Digital Marketing expert who is tasked with helping the field agents and the internal sales team to blog, leveraging social media.

ECA Marketing’s mission is to provide agents with quality sales platforms and exclusive selling systems to reach out to more clients and aide in providing the best products to fit within that system. In keeping with that mission ECA Marketing has secured exclusive agreements with top notch sales and mentoring programs including: 5Q Group created by Mike Kaselnak, Quantum Marketing System and developed by Jeffrey Thompson and CPR MyCareer founded by John Schrup.

Field agents frequently comment that “ECA Marketing has the best back office in the industry”. Mr. Spillman admitted “I am partial, but believe ECA is the best and we have the experience to back it up.” ECA’s President, Joe Spillman started as a sales consultant and still continues to work with agents, he maintains an industry blog at

ECA Marketing, an industry leading Independent Marketing Organization for over 30 years. ECA Marketing is a National Annuity and Life Marketing Organization doing business in all 50 states and several U.S. territories. Since 2006, ECA Marketing has produced over $10 Billion in Fixed Annuity and Target Life Premium. ECA Marketing’s Management currently sits on the Field Advisory Councils of six carriers and is one of the country’s largest Independent Marketing Organizations. With 55 employees comprising over 430 years of experience. More information on their programs and carriers can be found on their website

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