Becoming a Sales All-Star

Most Sales Closers aren’t born; they’re made. (Baseball analogy- think Hall of Famers, Dennis Eckersley and John Smoltz).

In every Insurance “inside-sales agency” across the country, the top Agents aren’t your typical “insurance guy.” They’re not your old-school product wonk or financial geek. Not even close. No, the best producing reps are former retail clerks, waiters, taxi drivers, recent college grads, former stay-at-home Moms.

They also usually don’t have any “outside” Insurance experience and the corresponding bad habits. Whenever I point out the top Producer at an Agency to a Carrier executive, their private remark is generally something like,” Really? That guy?”


Not to down-play the skill required but the reality is that almost anyone (providing the desire, basic communication and, of course, the proper techniques are in place) can learn to be an Inside Sales Master.

So, what makes these seemingly average Joe’s so successful in their tradecraft? Why are they such great Closers?

First things first- they all possess unbridled desire to succeed.  It’s the Will to Win. You can’t teach Drive. You must Hire for Desire.

The other attributes are all Coachable and learned in the proprietary “7 Habits of Successful Tele-Sales” Training program:

  • Building rapport via Expertise and Authority
  • Connecting with each client, authentically
  • Demonstrating a genuine Value proposition
  • Conveying a “What’s In It For Me” (WIIFM) client perspective
  • Defining and cementing the Need
  • Presenting the Solution, not the product
  • Making the Benefit real and tangible rather than ethereal
  • Eliminating objections rather than “overcoming” them
  • Under-selling and surprising clients with lower-priced options
  • Simplifying the decision process

These concepts above are intentionally vague. As in Sports, if it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s not enough to just have “talent.” That’s easily wasted if not nurtured and honed, focused. Mastery comes from the desire to be your personal best, hard work and repetition. And a proven sales methodology.

The great part is that all of the proven tactics/techniques to being a Sales All-Star over the phone CAN BE learned.

Here are the 5 things you need:

  1. A phone
  2. Willingness to “unlearn’ your traditional face-to-face sales approach
  3. Ability to accept and integrate coaching
  4. A spouse or friend to role-play with and a recording device (same phone!) to play back each segment of your sales presentation
  5. 3 hours per day for a week to learn and perfect the “7 Habits”

That’s it. The top reps from all the Direct Marketing agencies that you hear advertise on the radio have mastered these 7 Habits. From Accountants to a former Zoo worker, Sales All-stars are made.

Are you ready to be a Closer?

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