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Video 401K Market


Join Brent Meyer, President & Founder of Safe Money Resource, for a bold new way to achieve your best business years ever.

This short presentation will introduce you to a rare-but-proven process to unlock a current 401(k) at any age, backed by the power of a marketing system that does everything for you.

You won’t see this anywhere else! In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn of an exclusive process that enables rollovers from any current 401(k), at any age, with any amount, penalty-free and no taxes due.
  • Discover how to go from the overcrowded $515 billion rollover market to an unheard-of edge in the $5.3 trillion 401(k) industry!
  • Be introduced to an industry-exclusive Prospect to Close™ system that does everything for you, gets people in your door, and brings new clients.
  • Uncover how to help your clients and discover potentially better alternatives.
  • See the road to drastically increased sales in permanent life insurance, asset protection, and guaranteed income.

Discover the “golden opportunity” in a virtually untapped market, help 401(k) investors get personal advice, and grow like never before!

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