Building a Profitable Email List

Ken Varga

In this message I’m going to share with you what I feel is the single most important thing that will:

  1. Boost your relationship with your list and as a result….
  2. Boost your Income from your list.

Before I start, let me say that your list doesn’t necessarily have to be large. Even a small, quality list can work for you. You don’t need as big of a list as you might think.

The most important thing is not the size of your list, but rather the relationship that you have with the people on your list.

When it comes to building a loyal relationship with your list, you just need one thing …


This is the most important word when it comes to marketing.

Most Insurance Agents and Advisors don’t understand this and this is why they struggle to attract customers.

The secret is to understand and connect with the existing desires of your target market.

You ask, “How do I do that?”

There are a number of available strategies for uncovering exactly what your audience wants in order to attract them to your list and then sell them your products.

Here is my favorite.

Have a chat with someone you want to help and ask them a few questions.

  1. If you could wave a magic wand and have any result or change anything when it comes to (fill in your topic), what would that be? What would it look like?
  1. What are your biggest challenges when it comes to reaching that result?
  1. What would you need right now to help you reach your desired outcome?

You must listen carefully to the answers.  What they tell you is everything you need to know to build your list.

This is empathy in action.

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