Caught in the Digital Marketing Trap

Is your digital marketing strategy working for you?

Be careful that you’re not caught in the trap in which I find so many agents and advisors, expecting digital marketing to be some kind of Silver Bullet solution.

Digital marketing can actually work, if you have the right expectations. Unfortunately, I have recently found many business owners who have become jaded towards digital marketing.  They’ve built a website, a blog, and a set of social media accounts, but what they didn’t have was a clear expectation for the return on investment for their marketing efforts.  This leads them to the conclusion that digital marketing is not relevant to their business or industry and they decide that it’s not worth their time.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Do you also feel that you’re not getting any results from your digital marketing campaign?

Are you caught in the Digital Marketing Trap?

Not to worry – You’re not alone

I have encountered many business owners who feel the same way.  And don’t worry, it’s not entirely your fault!  There are countless articles, videos, and infographics on the internet, all claiming that digital marketing is the be-all, end-all solution to help you achieve your business goals.  It’s easy to get lured into believing that digital marketing is the silver bullet you’ve been praying for.

Digital marketing can help you establish your reputation and drive more business, which will help you meet your goals, but it’s important to set clear and realistic expectations for you to achieve optimal results with your digital marketing campaign.

Here are some things to consider:

There is no magic solution for lack of sales

Businesses fail with their digital marketing because they think that it will solve all their problems – they think they can set it and forget it.  They shift their marketing budget to go digital, then, scramble when they don’t see a clear return on their digital marketing investment.

I know that I have mentioned this before in my No BS Guide to Selling Insurance, but it’s something that I can’t help but emphasize enough – there is no magical solution when it comes to digital marketing.

I have worked with numerous business owners and helped them with their digital marketing strategy.  I have firsthand experience on how digital marketing can reap tremendous results if harnessed correctly.  But I would never tell a business owner to rely on digital marketing alone.

Digital Marketing Cannot Stand Alone

A well-placed digital marketing strategy should add to your marketing efforts but never replace all of your other sales strategies.  Digital marketing should complement your offline marketing channels and support your internal business processes – not replace them.

Many business owners become overwhelmed because of the impact of their social media or email marketing campaigns and thus, fail to convert due to the lack of a solid sales process to qualify and nurture their new leads.  This will result in loss of business and it will also leave a negative impact on your reputation.

Human Interaction Will Always Be Important

Digital marketing can improve your reputation, help you reach a wider audience, and gain more business with less work, but it will never replace actual human interaction.  People still want to speak to a human being, instead of engaging with a series of social media posts or answering an email.

You need to have a good sales and customer service team to support your digital marketing efforts, otherwise, many of these new leads will go to waste.  I’ve even seen business owners who have gotten complacent because they were so satisfied with the results of their digital marketing campaigns.  But, this is a mistake.   You need to talk to your clients, go to meetings and network if you want to move your business up to the next level.

The benefits of digital marketing are obvious and there are countless business owners who have improved their businesses greatly through a well-developed digital marketing strategy.  With over 3.5 billion users to date, there is no question that the internet can help you expand your audience and grow your business.  But, you need a strategy for both online and offline sales.