Content Marketing: If You Build it They Will Come – aka Inbound Marketing

It’s a given that your clients are spending more and more time online, and video is

The most effective way to meet them there.

Businesses everywhere are constantly marketing their products and services, often overloading consumers with information they already know or did not need in the first place. Due to the overflowing nature of this type of material, consumers tend to tune it out. The way for a business to get through to consumers who are tired of being inundated with things they do not want to know is content marketing.  And importantly, content marketing videos are NOT heavy on sales messages. They’re about providing useful information, period.

Go beyond flashing products or services at your audience. You have to figure out what it is about your service that caught their attention in the first place, then determine what it is these consumers do not understand or know about your services. A good video title might be “The 5 things questions to ask any financial advisor”. Viewers will find this video on your YouTube channel, or other social media sites where it has been strategically placed. That is called “Inbound Marketing”. Prospects find you, not the other way around. Another way to put it—“If you build it they will come”, meaning that once a viewer has watched your video and received the wisdom it provides, they will most likely turn to you or your company when it’s time to pay for a product of service. The thought is, if they provided this great information in the video, they know what they’re doing. And they didn’t try to sell me anything!

So gather information that will better their understanding of your product or service and create videos to impart that information and keep their attention. Content marketing is relevant to video because you can use this medium best to demonstrate features while simultaneously talking the audience through how these features work and in what ways they will benefit consumers in their everyday lives. Giving the audience the ability to grasp some information about your service in use while pairing it with a trustworthy presenter will grab and hold consumers’ attention as long as you do not bombard them with knowledge they already have, or worse yet, sales pitches. This in-depth style of marketing will build a group of consumers that will look to the company as the first source of the information they need.

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