Convert 1/3 Direct Mail Leads into Appointments

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Direct Mail Leads


Join Don Runge on June 8th at 1:00 PM ET and find out how to work direct mail leads more effectively with proven approaches that can turn a direct mail response into an appointment!

You will learn:

  • Several success tips and appointment approaches to convert at least 1/3 of your new response cards into actual appointments.
  • How to work older leads or from past responders (90 days old and beyond).
  • A proven process to making direct mail more profitable and effective.

You don’t have to work harder; just more effectively – and he’s going to show you how!

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Bonus: All attendees will receive Don’s “Advanced Approach” CD at a special one-time price! This industry-recognized lead training program will demonstrate how to use a FactFinder and how to identify 5-15 additional leads you can use to create more appointments and sales.