Creating Powerful Messaging to Attract More Clients

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Messaging Strategies Replay


Join Maribeth Kuzmeski, PhD, President of Red Zone Marketing, as she shares critical strategies for creating and using powerful messaging to attract more clients. It is proven that when you use better messaging for everything from your value/fee discussion, client appreciation invitations, scripts for asking for referrals, discussions with potential strategic alliances, and more – that it changes everything!

Your choice of words can seriously influence how your value is perceived. Your words can cause the following:

  • Someone saying your fees are too high.
  • A failed seminar due to poor choice of words on the invitation or in the presentation.
  • Your website not converting visitors into appointments.
  • Emails not getting recipients to click and find out more.
  • Not closing at prospect meetings.

The fact is that new business is down for many agents and financial advisors. If you want to grow today, it is more critical than ever to have extraordinary messaging EVERYWHERE!

You’ll learn actual messaging and strategies working right now. No longer can you have ‘okay’ messaging describing your value. The risk is too high!

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