Defuse Referral Concerns and Objections to Get More Ideal Clients

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Concerns and Objections


Join Bill Cates and learn his 5-step formula for dealing with any objection you ever get from anyone – including your spouse or children… really!

Use this non-pushy approach to get confident and effective with:

  • “I don’t give referrals.”
  • “Give me some cards to pass out.”
  • “I want to talk to them first.”
  • “She’s already working with someone.”
  • “I’ll think about it and get back to you.”

You will learn how to…

  1. Change your perception of objections so you don’t fear them.
  2. Head off recurring objections before they ever come up.
  3. Deal confidently and effectively with common concerns and objections.
  4. Use Bill’s 5-Step Formula to defuse most objection.
  5. Back off of concerns and objections with grace and professionalism.

If you fear objections, your actions and results are limited. You’ll be recognized as natural and authentic instead of manipulative, pushy, obnoxious, etc.

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