Digital Marketing Strategies That Speed Up The Pace of Referrals

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Digital Marketing Secrets


Join Jill Addison, Digital Marketing Expert, as she reveals the secrets she’s used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business through her video marketing strategies.

You will discover:

  • How to automate your marketing
  • How to stand out with educational and entertaining videos
  • How to engage prospects and clients with your digital presence
  • How your videos give you authority, credibility and “local star power”

You’ll also discover…

  • The best and most efficient ways to use video content to get new clients and referrals
  • An easy way to get testimonial type credibility that is compliance friendly
  • How an online presence moves people several steps along in your sales process before you ever even talk with them in person
  • How your videos pre-dispose your ideal prospects to become your clients before you ever meet with them
  • How your clients are enticed to refer you to new clients on a regular basis without you even asking
  • One amazing secret that makes it impossible for your clients NOT to refer you

You’ll get up to speed on new video marketing strategies fast, and gain access to Case Studies that you won’t hear anywhere else about how these video marketing strategies have worked for financial advisors like you.

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