Disclosure Requirements to Protect Consumers Who are Considering Making Changes to a Life Insurance Policy: Download Highlight Sheet

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Disclosure Requirements


As a longtime member of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) dating back to the late 1990’s and a board member for the better part of a decade, Life Insurance Settlements, Inc. is proud to have supported the effort to bring consumer disclosure to our home state of Florida.

Our long time attorney, Brady Cobb of Cobb-Eddy and a fellow LISA member along with his former employer, friend  and longtime former Florida Senator, Jim Scott, helped Darwin Bayston, LISA’s CEO and Michael Kreiter, Director of Legislative & Regulatory Affairs, put a plan in motion to make this happen many years earlier and at the end of the day it was compromise that won out.

We hope this compromise can begin to work across the nation as we feel that knowledge is power.

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