Disrupting Perception

I am a private pilot. When I fly in the clouds I have learned that I cannot trust my interpretation of what I think the airplane is doing. I cannot trust my flawed human senses. I must rely on an objective system of instruments. One is called the attitude indicator, a gyroscope, which means rigidity in space. Observing that instrument reveals if I’m in a climb, descent or turn. Even if I feel like I’m straight and level, if the instrument shows I’m in a climbing turn I must respond to the system, not my thinking!

The key here is that if I follow a system that has a high probability of a predictable result then I will arrive at my destination.

This is comparable to human nature. The audience is exposed to outstanding industry training. They get excellent training from their product sponsors and broker-dealer market makers. However, there is something missing. What is missing is a behavioral accountability system that is just that, a system. Not motivational hype, but a sound behavioral dynamic that is relevant to their level in the business, based in science, not wishful thinking or old popular psychology trends.

That is exactly what I provide. In a short period of time I can create an experience that will take the audience beyond entertainment and into impact. I can do this through the introduction of one behavioral dynamic that the audience did not have when they walked into the room and they will when I’m finished.

This dynamic has to do with how the human mind is genetically coded to avoid. Human nature is designed to keep us avoiding uncomfortable activities or any activity that is perceived as a threat. We are avoidance machines. It is our instinct to perceive “imagined” negativity and threats and to avoid them.

We have very limited perceptual abilities. We can’t trust our interpretation of our senses because we are genetically predisposed to see what can hurt us and avoid. We don’t see opportunities, we see obstacles. Consider figure 1. Is B the same shade as square A?

Wouldn’t you swear that A is darker than B? You would be wrong and every action you took based on that false assumption would be incorrect. Cut out square B, place it on top next to A. Watch it magically transform into the same dark shading as A. It’s an illusion. We can’t trust our own interpretation of our circumstances. We will think that we are just too busy to take the actions that we need to take to reach our goals.

We must have an intervention to compensate for the genetic coding to avoid and for the limits of human perception.

I provide this system. It has immediate impact, is easy to understand and use. Each person in the audience will be able to use this one behavioral dynamic to improve the results in the areas of their life that they are committed to change. It is very exciting.

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