Don’t Listen to Your Heart When It Comes to Your Marketing

The worst thing you can do in your marketing is to just wait and see what kind of marketing you feel like doing this week.

What if you get busy? What if don’t feel like doing your marketing that week? What if you start worrying that you’re “bothering” people again with your marketing messages.

When you leave it up to what you feel like doing each week, that’s a recipe for disaster in your marketing.

The best way to handle your marketing is to automate it, to set it and forget it.

That way you never miss a beat.

An example of that is my 1-Minute Video Tip of the Month. (See an example here:

I only film these tips twice a year, in batches of 6 tips each.

Then I email my assistant one time, and have her schedule them to be emailed out each month, and then I forget about them and they run on autopilot for me.

That kind of consistency and planning is a key ingredient you need to get an ROI on your marketing efforts and dollars.

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