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Tom Hegna
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Hegna Retire Happy Replay


Tom Hegna

Retirement represents an exciting change in your client’s life, but it can sometimes cause unnecessary stress, especially during uncertain times. They may ask questions like: What’s the best time to retire? How much should I have saved?


With the help of Tom Hegna and The 7 Steps to Retirement Security guide, your client’s retirement planning will be easy and straight forward during uncertain times!

Watch Tom in this Exclusive Web Class Replay, where he will focus on 3 Main Topics:

  1. Longevity

  2. Long Term Care

  3. KEY to Happiness in Retirement

Tom Hegna, one of the most popular platform speakers, is a retirement expert and best-selling author with Paychecks and Paychecks, as well as Don’t Worry Retire Happy, which was used as the script for the PBS Special, Don’t Worry Retire Happy, hosted by Tom.
During this replay, you’ll learn a “new way” to see retirement success – based on Math and Science, NOT Opinions!

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