Insiders: Earn More with These Successful Sales Strategies of Top Advisors

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Join Rob Liano and discover strategies that increase sales, improve retention, and generate referrals.

After analyzing his own accomplishments, interviewing hundreds of successful salespeople, and conducting months of research, Rob Liano compiled the defining factors when it comes to being a world class, sales professional. Attendees will explore sales methodologies devised to increase sales, improve retention and position you to obtain more referrals. You’ll be taken through the most successful attributes necessary to blow away the competition.

Topics include:

  • The two main factors that influence a purchase
  • The truth behind hot, warm and cold calling
  • How to develop trust
  • The most effective closing statement of all time
  • Positioning yourself as an expert
  • You’re losing sales if you aren’t doing this, and this.
  • Setting SMARTer goals
  • Breaking through the time barrier

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