Exclusive Territories – No Upfront Money: Let Us Fill the Room with Recent Retirees Who Are Seeking Retirement Assistance

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Exclusive Territories


Our workshop’s average 16-20 households per function. The educational workshops (Taxes & Retirement and/or Social Security) will show soon-to-be and recent retirees the advantage in organizing their future retirement.

Here is how we make it happen:

  • Digital technology > means NO upfront money.
  • We want to develop a long term partnership with you, let us invest in your business.
  • We provide the entire package for you to do the presentation: training, handouts, scripts, discounted software & certifications, PowerPoint presentations and more.
  • Best of all, we find the venue for you.

Territories are exclusive so act now!

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Hear what agents are saying… 

“We average about $500K-$550K in FIA per seminar series and about $350K-$400K in AUM per seminar series. We set appointments with 60% of seminar attendees, and 75% of those attendees make their 1st appointment.”  – Mike L. (Pennsylvania) 

“The first set of seminars with Black Box Marketing I had a total of 64 households in attendance! I have already written $1.7M of business from the first workshop with approximately $750K more in the works.”  Tom J. (Colorado)