Experience a Higher Closing Rate by Exposing the 4 L’s of Retirement

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4 Ls of Retirement


Join Curtis Cloke as he reviews cracking the retirement income code and exposing the 4 L’s of Retirement.

Financial advisors today are looking for the magic potion for cracking the retirement income code.

The reality is, there is no one magic potion. However, there are easy methods for breaking down both income and growth.

Understanding the retirement risks and understanding the Risk Glide Path of proper product and invest allocation, combined with generating promised-based and risk-based income strategies, goes a long way in creating the magic potion of safety and efficiency desired by today’s retirees.

Also, finding simple language and the use of framing pictures rather than numbers to convey these strategies allows the advisor to provide a pleasant experience and higher closing ratios.

Stop procrastination and learn how to utilize a systematic process of discovery and education and know about the 4 L’s in Retirement.

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