How to Conquer Your Circumstances and Thrive in Your Day…

“The way you start your day sets the mindset of how you will continue your day. ” — Coach Bob Reish

The way you start your day sets the mindset of how you will continue your day. How you continue your day will determine how you will choose to finish your day. How you finish will determine your significance. When you choose to allow circumstances to choose how your day starts proceeds, and finish, you are at the mercy of the circumstances. When you choose to control your thinking, you are in control of your outcome despite the circumstances.

As an entrepreneur, I choose to control my behavior and priorities. Although, I am unable to control the circumstances, I choose to control my activity during the circumstances. The secret is not to wait until the circumstance is in control, you need to take control before the you allow the circumstance to take its toll. The reason people are not in control is because they choose to relinquish control before they started their day. When you take control, you can navigate to be in position to make your choices.

One of the privileges I have in life is to be a parent. I have 3 children who all run cross country. I often ask myself, why would anybody want to run without being chased? However, they all love to run. Therefore, I love to watch them run. I have learned a lot about cross country races, not by experience, but through their eyes. The starting line is the first important aspect of the race. I have learned that it is important for them to have a strong start. They need to get to the front of the pack first. To accomplish this goal, they need to be intentional. They need to be ready to run at the shot of the gun. When they start, they need to push forward despite the people around them. They make the choice to not allow another runner to hinder their progress, they need to be push their way through, not wait for a convenient opening.

The next step is to continue a strong pace through until the finish line. Controlling their pace is the key. Complacency is the killer of momentum. Keeping focused on the finish line is key. The runners can’t be tempted to think about how tired they are, how far away the finish line is, how others are doing, they need to focus on reaching the goal. The last step is to step it up when they get into view of the finish line. When they reach the goal before the finish line, they give it everything they have. They sprint past the finish line. When they focus on just reaching the finish line, they will be overtaken by other runners, negative thoughts, and reasons why they are unable to make it. When they choose to sprint to the end, they now control how they finish.

“How you continue your day will determine how you will choose to finish your day.” — Coach Bob Reish

Each day is like a cross country race. How you start, continue, and finish is vital to your success. Here are the 3 keys conquer the circumstances each day:

  1. Choose to start strong by preparing your day the night before.
  2. Choose to focus your day by thinking about the possibility of success, not excuses for failure.
  3. Choose to finish in a sprint, not a complacent stroll.

People of significance thrive to impact others, people of excuses survive to make it another day. Counting time creates a mindset of tolerance to get through the circumstance. Controlling your behavior in the time, creates moments of victory through the day. Starting strong stimulates confidence you are in control. Maintaining a consistent pace prevents complacency in the difficult moments. Finishing in a sprint propels us to victory. You are victorious when you are proactive in your focus, you are a victim when you react to the circumstances. You are significant, think like it! 

“How you finish will determine your significance.” — Coach Bob Reish

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