How to Create a Compelling Offer to Ideal Prospects using a Beneficiary Audit and a Fee Audit

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Fee Audit


Your compelling offers are to show ideal prospects what they are NOT getting from their current advisor.

Join Grant Hicks on June 25th at 1:00 ET and learn how to…

  • Make a compelling offer to ideal prospects by using advice they are not getting
  • Offer a beneficiary audit and show prospects how to get their complete estate on one page
  • Offer total transparency using fee audits which demonstrates to prospects what they are paying for, and what they are getting and not getting from their current advisor.

How do you feel when you are paying for something and not getting it?

Show prospects what they are NOT getting but paying for.

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Bonus: All who register will receive an exclusive beneficiary audit checklist and an exclusive fee audit checklist to show prospects your compelling offer!