How to Fix the Top 6 PR Mistakes Most insurance Sales Reps Make

You set the strategy. You plan the logistics. You map out marketing goals. But, wait where’s the PR?

PR can attract attention, add dimension, connect communities, AND spread news. To get the most out of your PR efforts, don’t make these top 10 mistakes.

  1. Sending out one lonely media release.

Isn’t one release enough, you ask? Not when you can stage releases to build up anticipation. One release can’t sustain interest.

Fix: Plan a series of releases that tell your story, build anticipation and send traffic back to your site.

  1. Sending text only via email.

Believe it or not, people are still sending old school double-spaced press releases as .pdf attachments via email – how retro!

Press releases with video and pictures outperform the boring copied from Word documents that often appear on websites. Where are the people? Show us!

Fix: Send a teaser email with a link to an album and videos.

  1. Headlines that don’t grab – anything.

A sure recipe for PR disaster starts with a headline that includes no keywords, no interest, and runs over 80 characters. Because people pay attention to two things on the Internet, headlines and photos, the long and boring headline gets lost in a sea of more sparkly grabbers.

Fix: Write at least 50 sample headlines and test them with a focus group, along with the search engines, to see how they perform.

  1. Not investing in distribution.

Sure, you can distribute a press release for free. When you pass up the relatively low cost [$40 and up] for getting wider distribution, you also get a news site with images / video and best of all, analytics and tracking.

Fix: Explore distribution options by comparing investments to what you expect to get from the plan: numbers, tracking, keywords, submissions to news sites, etc.

  1. Don’t send out a post-event release.

Why bother? The team needs a break and isn’t the event over after its over?

Fix: Write the post-event release along with the other releases a few months in advance. Leave space for attendee numbers, event recaps, quotes from leaders and most important, the date and link to the next event. Then, send it out within 24 hours after the last attendee checks out.

  1. Completing ignoring PR’s marketing potential. 

Does PR really have a place in marketing? After all, you may have emails, a website, ads, and direct mailings going out. What can a press release do that all those tactics can’t? Is it worth the effort?

Fix: Corporations know that PR is one of the best marketing investments they can make. Events with great PR outperform those with none. Going PR-less dramatically reduces visibility. That’s why it’s so important to integrate PR into your marketing plan. Can’t do it yourself? Call in a professional PR team for a consultation or a campaign that will increase visibility, target media, showcases success, and position you event as a valuable resource to your exact target audience.

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