Increase Fixed and Indexed Annuity Sales Using Neuro Linguistic Videos

Dan Vinal
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Web Class - Annuity Sales Replay



Join Dan Viñal, considered an authority on the practical application of “Psycho Linguistic” communication techniques for insurance sales professionals, as he discusses how to use video to increase annuity sales!

During this web class replay, you will learn:

  • Why video is a faster, easier, and more effective way to explain Indexed Annuities, Guaranteed Income Withdrawals, the difference between Indexed and Variable Annuities, Annuity Laddering, IRA Rollovers and Conversions, Annuity vs Bank CD, TSP Annuities.
  • How psycho linguistic videos help people really understand annuities, make decisions, avoid procrastination, and overcome buyer’s remorse.
  • Why up to 90% of what we say to people is not completely understood or remembered, and how you can improve both comprehension and retention by as much as 400% with video.
  • How psycho linguistic videos are already helping other top producers to add at least 2 or 3 more annuity sales every month.

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