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Savant Hegna Interview


Exclusive Interview Informs Agents How They Can Make an Impact on Seniors with Guaranteed Lifetime Income!

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Tom Hegna, one of the most popular platform speakers, is a retirement expert and best-selling author with Paychecks and Paychecks, as well as Don’t Worry Retire Happy, which was used as the script for the PBS Special Don’t Worry Retire Happy hosted by Tom. Steve Savant is a nationally syndicated financial columnist and talk show host of Right on the Money and weekend anchor for On the Money News, with both broadcasts distributed to 280 media outlets, social media networks and industry web sites. Steve also is a contributing author to Advisys AdvanceInsmark and Life Specs.

During this interview, Steve and Tom will discuss current arguments for using Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuities in Retirement Planning based on science and math. You will learn about:

  • Longevity Risk – Retirement Plans must take Longevity Risk off the table
  • Guaranteed Income for Life – Guinness Book of World Records 122 Years Old
  • Purchasing Guaranteed Income vs. Accumulating Assets – It’s Income All Day Long
  • COLA Riders – Annual increases uncorrelated to the CPI or Inflation

Guaranteed lifetime annuity income with a COLA rider has finally gone mainstream in retirement planning! With the advent of QLAC, many advisors are now aware of Deferred Income Annuities. Purchasing blocks of income is superseding the accumulation of assets.

Make an impact with seniors! Purchasing blocks of guaranteed lifetime annuity income may create a better retirement today than the old axioms of accumulating assets!

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