Insiders: FORBES Named Top Advisor Ends the Lead Generation Debate: Quantity or Quality? 

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Some marketing “systems” position their value by offering advisors a pay per lead program. Are they incentivized to find high quality prospects or just a large quantity of people to gather in a room? Obviously, there’s a difference!

Great NEWS: Now, there is a SMARTer way to market! SMART is the Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation®, a social media marketed tax awareness class developed by a producer for producers. It’s been true and always will be: quality trumps quantity!

The SMART® Retirement Tax Awareness Class offers motivated advisors an unprecedented competitive marketing advantage in their market.

On November 28th at 1 PM ET, learn how Forbes-named Top Advisor, Matt Gulbransen, sets appointments with the following key components:

  • His proven social media marketing and the FINRA approved SMART Tax Awareness Class.
  • Why he created true territorial exclusivity to protect advisors who invest in their marketing.
  • A marketing program focused on qualified prospect with money to invest; looking for advice.
  • Plus, structured training and on-going support.
  • And, exclusive access to the content creator, himself, for direct hands on mentoring for program participants.

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