Insiders: The Secrets to Attracting & Retaining Your Share of the 20 Trillion Dollar Affluent Women & Couples Market

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Annette Bau, CFP® will teach you what you must do to attract and retain affluent women and couples so you can keep them for life, and generate a steady stream of referrals in this valuable niche market.

“Women are poised to become the biggest economic engine the world has ever known.” –Newsweek

  • Women comprise one of the largest (valued at up to 40 trillion dollars) and most under-served niche markets available to advisors today.
  • Women control 51% of all private wealth in the U.S., make over 80% of all buying decisions, and represent 43% of potential clients with assets above $500,000.
  • It is also guesstimated that the majority of new income growth will go to women, due to a narrowing wage gap and rising female employment

With the help of Annette Bau, CFP®, you’ll learn:

  • Opportunities in the women’s market
  • Where to find your ideal client
  • With which affluent women’s group you will have the most success
  • Investing habits of affluent women
  • Understanding the different types of women and how to approach them
  • How to use research to tap into this market
  • The best strategies to grow your market share

“Increased my Annual Revenue by 775% & Qualified for My Companies Executive Council
Since joining your community, I have risen from the bottom producer in my study group to the top & have increased my income by 427% & finished the year up 775%!”
-Michelle D., (New York Life).

“Annette Bau has the Key to Cracking the Code for Training Advisors on How to Work With and Market to Affluent Women!…
If you want an expert in the affluent women & couple’s market Annette Bau is the one. She has developed the key to cracking the code so you can get your share of this $40 trillion market.”
-Don Wilkinson (Author: Stop Wasting Wealth, Family Office Expert).

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