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401kPlanProProspecting Kit



  • More than 61 million people participate in employer-sponsored retirement programs like 401(k), 403(b), 457 and Thrift plans. But many investors simply do not feel qualified or comfortable selecting and managing investments within their employer-sponsored retirement accounts.
  • There is almost no financial planning advice given to plan participants until they are very near or entering retirement meaning there is a huge need/opportunity to help investors.

How the PlanPro Works:

The 401kPlanPro is available for company sponsored retirement plans as well as any plan participant 401(k), 403(b), 457, and TSP Plans:

  • Prospect fills out online Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.
  • Initial Recommendation–Prospect receives an initial investment recommendation co-branded to you the local advisor that is based on evaluation of your plans investment choices, risk tolerance and several other factors.
  • Ongoing Recommendations–Prospect receives reminders co-branded to you the local advisor each quarter with any recommended adjustments to your plans investments.
  • Stock Market–“Buy/Sell Line” Recommendations–Buy/Sell Line is used to make the strategic decision whether or not to be in the stock market, telling us when and how much to invest in equities.
  • Buy/Sell Line strategy has been available for investors since January 1997 allowing you to show how a investment has performed with a buy and hold strategy vs. following the buy/sell line.
  • Attempts to avoid major market downturns.
  • May move to cash and/or lower risk investments during market declines.

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