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Introducing a single premium, fixed indexed annuity that allows your clients to accumulate funds, benefit from tax deferral, diversify within one contract and provide a living benefit of income for as long as they live.

  • New Indices Available
  • 1, 2, and 5 Year Point-to-Point Options
  • 10% Up Front Bonus to the Benefit Base
  • 4% Guaranteed Annual Roll-Up to the Benefit Base + Index Credits
  • Roll-Up lasts for 20 Years
  • Roll-Up does not stop when income for Life is elected
  • Nursing Home Care Rider and Terminal Illness Rider*

Complete the form to access your download or call 844-618-2587 to speak with someone now.



*To meet the criteria for either of these riders, the contract must be in force for a minimum of one year. Some state variations apply. Guggenheim Life and Annuity Company, whose office is in Indianapolis, Indiana, issues the TriVysta Fixed Indexed Annuity. Annuity contracts contain limitations. Please consult the contract for more details regarding these limitations. The TriVysta Fixed Indexed Annuity and/or certain product features may not be available in all states. Guggenheim Life is not licensed in New York. This contract is issued on form number GLA-INDEX-01 or a variation of such. DBA Guggenheim Life and Annuity Insurance Company in California 011602A