Introducing “Stop Loss Portfolios”

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Stop Loss Portfolios


Stop_Loss_Sales_Kit-1Why the Stop Loss Portfolio?
Remember the bear market of ’07 – ’09, when some investors lost between 20 to 40% of their account values? During a market correction, many investors don’t sell their equities soon enough and often wait too long to reinvest into equities as the market recovers. Now there’s a way you can help avoid this from happening to your clients again.

The portfolios were built to help investors in the following ways:

  1. Achieve full diversification across all U.S. equity sectors
  2. Remove the emotions from investing
  3. Limit downside risk
  4. Participate during a market recovery

Stop Loss Portfolio Sales Kit that includes:

  1. Stop Loss Portfolio Agent Guide
  2. Consumer Whitepaper: 6 Simple Rules to Choosing an Investment Advisor
  3. Consumer Direct Mail Marketing Pieces
  4. Virtue Capital Management company brochure

Complete the form to access your download or call 844-618-2586 to speak with someone now.