James M. Rankin

James M. Rankin is the Chief Marketing Officer for Moody Insurance Group, Inc, the marketing extension of American National of Texas. James and Robert L. Moody, jr. were instrumental in bringing independent brokerage to American National by making Moody Insurance Group, Inc. the first independent marketing operation for American National. James has held many positions in different sectors of the insurance industry. With over 35 years’ experience, James has held the positions of National Marketing Director, Agency Owner, Wholesaler, and Regional Director. James is a pioneer of institutional marketing, having started and run several multi-million dollar operations across the country. In addition to insurance, James is a published author with over 11 books to date, from poetry to sales strategies. James is also an award winning speaker and presenter. James enjoys training brokers and developing agents with his two nation-wide development programs, Income Engineering and Rainmakers.


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