Legacy Values Plan – a Tool for Estate and Financial Planners

We are proud to announce the launch of our Legacy Values Plan (LVP)

A ‘first of its kind’, comprehensive solution for Estate and Financial Planners to provide clients with the means to add “Values” to the “Valuables” they pass on to future generations.

Studies have shown that Baby-Boomers, by a factor of 7 to 1, prefer to pass on their life lessons and values more so than their accumulated assets. Up until now this was addressed by only some professionals in the industry who encourage clients to write out answers to questions about their life experiences and values.

This approach, while noble, too often fails to yield meaningful results. Many people feel they don’t possess the writing skills needed for this task. They can be easily overwhelmed with the enormity of the work and don’t know where to begin.

Legacy Stories has spent the last decade training thousands of volunteers and working with professionals in multiple disciplines. Working in particular with  professionals in the elder care  continuum to discover the best-practices, protocols and processes for eliciting reminiscent stories from elders under the most challenging circumstances.

The result is the Legacy Values Plan, an innovative and intuitive process for capturing, archiving, organizing and discriminately sharing priceless stories of family history. This is supported by a sophisticated, award winning technology platform that is easy to use and encourages purpose driven, intergenerational family interaction.

But building a meaningful legacy can be challenging and may require specialized assistance. To provide a Legacy building solution that can be scaled to fit any need and desired outcome, LegacyStories.Org created a unique Legacy Concierge Service. This Concierge Service provides users with access to experts in multiple legacy skills sets to include: Genealogy, Memoir Writing, Editing, Publishing Media Digitization / Duplication, Videography, and Photography among others.

Combining state of the art technology and unparalleled expertise as needed, the Legacy Values Plan provides the only comprehensive Legacy solution for Estate, Financial and Succession Planning professionals and the families they serve.

Our Mission: Preserve the Past, Enrich the Present and Inspire the Future

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