Local Publicity for Insurance Professionals is Easier Than You’d Think!

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Local Publicity


Jess Todtfeld, CSP will help you customize pitches that are irresistible to the media. You will learn what pitches work and what pitches don’t work, as well as how to create hooks and sound bites designed to get the media to pay attention and desire your story.

After this web class, you’ll be able to…

  1. Leave this session with actual media pitches you’ve crafted and personalized.
  2. Create and customize winning hooks that the media will love (and take them with you).
  3. Learn the steps / template for having the perfect pitch.
  4. Understand how to create sound bites, and why they are crucial for media pitches.
  5. Have a finished pitch that is ready to be sent to media outlets.

Jess Todtfeld, CSP is a Former National TV Producer, media trainer and Guinness Record Setter for most media interviews (112 in 24 hours). He will walk you through the process and give you a template designed to not just get the attention of the media, but to get you booked!

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