Marketing that’s Memorable

“Whassup”, “Where’s the Beef” & “Just Do It”.

All three of these 3 iconic Marketing Slogans barely made it out of the board-room. What originally seemed too risky became a catch-phrase and a fixture in the public consciousness. It took insight, savvy and most importantly- it took Guts to try something way out of the box.

Face it- you have about 3-5 seconds of a potential client’s attention. That’s it. If your message doesn’t resonate or inspire or entice- they’re gone. They’ve seen almost everything before- and their mind literally tunes out the familiar.

In the world of constant Messaging bombardment, how do you make your Company stand-out? No matter the Product or Service, driving traffic and generating new Leads are crazy expensive. Every business, small or large, is looking for that next Marketing home-run that will go viral and drive masses of new customers.

Here are the key elements that all iconic Messages have in common:

  1. They’re Memorable and easy to Repeat
  2. They immediately capture the essence and spirit of their Offering
  3. They appeal directly to their Target market
  4. They’re Original and unique in a sea of imitators
  5. They’re fun and unafraid to take chances

For Life Insurance, don’t just copy those “Quote” companies ubiquitous ads- those messages about “a male age 45 can get a policy for as little as…” are old, tired, and DO NOT produce a positive ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment ) anymore. That was clever and unique back in the early 2000’s.

So, those crazy ideas you’ve been nervous to try? Take a risk. Do A/B testing against your control.

Get creative:

  • Be honest- most people will Never use Life Insurance
  • Call it like it is- You’re going to die…
  • Use Humor- funny pics of people doing stupid, near death things
  • Make it fun, interactive
  • Go BIG or small
  • Make them say WTF?

While they’re will be plenty of “swing and misses,” you just might hit it out of the park.

How else would we get “Can You Hear Me Now”, “I’m Loving it” and “Think Different.”

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