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Grant Hicks, CIM, published author of 5 books, professional speaker, coach and practice management consultant. His writing and speaking have made him an expert resource on practice management for financial advisors. He is the President of Advisor Practice Management,, a financial advisor coaching and training company. Grant has 28 years of unique experience in the financial services industry, including 20 years as an advisor managing over 120 million AUM and a partner of a mutual fund dealership. Grant’s books and speaking have become popular resources for elite financial advisors in Canada and he is best known for co-authoring “Guerrilla Marketing for Financial Advisors, series 1+2” ( Morgan James Publishing, NY)


Dr. Len Schwartz is a former chiropractor and started his practice in 1993. He quickly built the biggest practice in Philadelphia. He then started a marketing company in 1999 to help other professionals automate the growth of their practice. Since then he has worked and/or partnered with people like: the late Chet Holmes, the late Jay Levinson, Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, e-myths Michael Gerber and dozens of other internationally known marketing and business building leaders. He also owns one of the largest groups on LinkedIn called Marketing and Networking for Doctors and Professionals with almost 86,000 members. He owns several marketing companies and provides professionals with practice building marketing solutions as well as lead and sales conversion systems that generate leads and new clients every month like clockwork.

What is a mentor?

A friend, teacher, adviser, trainer, etc. Everyone has their own way of describing that person that helps them achieve or exceed their life’s goals and aspirations. The men and women below exceed our expectations regarding the definition of a mentor. They are responsible for many agents and advisors success in the industry, and they are looking to help you too. Read more about them by clicking on the images below.

James “Rick” McClanahan
Barbara Provost
Jane Blaufus, CLU
Bob Reish
Rob Haynie
Gail Goodman
David Royer
David Royer
Bill Harris
Bill Harris
Bill Bachrach
Don Graves
Jim Ruta
Jeremiah Desmarais
Jeremiah Desmarais
Lloyd Lofton
Michael Goldberg
Anne Bachrach
Anne Bachrach
Bill Cates
Bill Cates
Dr. Jack Singer
Annette Bau
Stephen Anderson
Jeremy Nason
Marlin Bollinger
Maribeth Kuzmeski
Jess Todtfeld
Jill Addison
Rob Liano
Steve Savant
Steve Savant
Daniel Hanzelka
Anthony Galie
Judy Hoberman
Marc Vahanian
Barbara Rozgonyi
Tom Cormier
Tom Cormier
Brian Doubleday
Todd Mauney
Jesse Slome
Peter D’Arruda
Don Runge
Scott Armstrong
Mike O’Neil
Tom Mayer
Curtis Cloke
Curtis Cloke