Most Prized Possession

keyI have often wondered what people consider to be their most prized possession. When I hit the google search, prized possessions come up all over the board from teddy bears, guitars, pocket watches handed down from generation to generation, autographed sports cards, cars, and wedding rings. It seems that the most valued possessions in life are things that have been handed down from a role model or loved one in life whom we have lost. What a great thing to have lived a life so grand (at least in someone’s eyes) that they would honor you after your passing by keeping something that you gave to them so close to their heart and call it their most prized possession.

Growing up, my Grandfather Walton Spillman (Walter) would give me silver dollars (big nickels he called them) for birthdays and holidays. Even though they have little value, I hold each “big nickel” close to my heart because Walter was one of my favorite people and after losing him they give me a great reminder of how special he was to me.

Don’t we all want to leave something for our loved ones to keep those special memories alive? I think the lesson in this story is not only to leave something memorable to the ones that look up to us but also to be a person that people will want to remember because we lived the life that they looked up to.

So how does this all relate to our business you ask? Values passed down from generation to generation is the simple answer. I would think that our last name that has been passed down hundreds and hundreds of years should be our most prized possession and that we all have the ability to help future generations by starting or building a “legacy” with that name.

Let’s all remember to pass on value to our loved ones that will put us in a historic place in their hearts. We should also look at what we can do to make sure future generations of our last name have better opportunities in their lives than what we did by passing on to them wealth created by the best wealth transferring tool available “Life Insurance”.

Armed with not only money left behind as a building block to future generations but also values taught that we can provide our loved ones with an opportunity to keep our last names the “most prized possessions” for years to come.

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