Obtain 5 Affluent Prospects per Week with This Complimentary Technique

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6 Figure Prospecting


Summer’s here and while most advisors are mentally checking out, we have a solution that is collecting BOR letters like candy.

Jeremiah Desmarais shares a very simple technique that you can leverage.

It’s called the Breakfast Broker Appointment Filler and it’s brilliant.

With it, you can start with almost no network, no leads, and no list, and start getting meetings in less than 12 hours!

There are 3 High Performance Strategies working right now for increasing qualified prospects, inbound leads and sales, all with step-by-step instruction:

  1. The C-Suite Red Carpet Approach
  2. The Cold Cannon Secret
  3. The Breakfast Broker Appointment Filler

These are the ideal techniques to put in place during the so-called ‘down season’ when most mentally check out (and you can reap the rewards).

One of these techniques reduced an advisors cost per meeting by over 1398% and produced a much higher quality prospect!

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