Protection from Market Declines Changes the Way People Invest Forever… and it’s Not a Fixed Index Annuity!

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Market Decline Protection


Bombshell breakthrough! Advisors can now utilize a remarkable communication tool that enables investors to become instantly notified via a mobile phone, tablet or laptop when their portfolio changes due to market conditions.

This award-winning tool allows investors to set a threshold of the desired percentage of decline they want their portfolio exposed to. This enables the investor to make appropriate changes to their investment to prevent losses and reposition where profits can be realized. (Artificial Intelligence Source, Known as Solomon API).

This is critical and paramount news because for the first time in investment history it can enable advisors and their clients to better manage behavior and emotions at the same time, to lower investment expenses and take a giant leap in advisor/client relationship and retention bottom-line. Major, significant increase in AUM and annuity sales! 

You can see this program plus our unique rollover heaven program we are offering to a selected group of advisors to handle millions of dollars in rollovers from employees who are retiring. Get access to large and mid-size employee retirement accounts through a 501(c)(3) non-profit financial institution with inroads to corporations across the United States.

Also, learn about our Retire Me Right program, which is allowing our advisors to increase their AUM in months as opposed to years!

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