Proven Sales Principles From Some of the Most Successful Insurance Sales Professionals

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Successful Producers


Join Ken Smith to elevate your practice!

Ken will share principles learned from four of the greatest insurance sales people:

  • Ben Feldman – Considered to be the greatest life insurance salesman ever. His sales records are legendary. He became the first salesman to sell $10 million, $50 million and over $100 Million of Life Insurance Sales.
  • Joe Gandolfo – Attended an MDRT Meeting and set a goal to beat Ben Feldman. In 1974, he personally sold a billion dollars of life insurance.
  • W. Clement Stone – Started Combined Insurance in 1920 with $100; by 1979, Combined Insurance was over a $1 billion company.
  • Frank Bettger – Was failing selling life insurance and turned his career around. Life insurance sales people have been reading his book, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling for generations. If you look on Amazon, the book has over 600 comments.

Sales principles are like a law of nature, they never change!

New advisors will benefit from the foundational, never changing sales principles that successful experienced advisors continue to utilize.

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