Receive 3-5 Face-to-Face Appointments Every Week with Prospects with $300,000-$3,000,000

Many advisors are finding it harder and harder to talk to enough qualified prospects every week.

Join Dr. Len Schwartz, LinkedIn Lead Generation Marketing Master, and learn the exact strategy he uses to generate 10+ leads per month for his advisor.

Dr. Len has uncovered 3 very specific lead generation systems on LinkedIn that many of the most successful financial advisors are using to generate 10+ Qualified Leads perMonth.

All of the leads and new clients being generated are business owners, CEOs, C-Suite Execs, doctors, professionals, and pre-retirees with 300k-3M.

This training is for advisors and agents that…

  • Have moderate success but want more.
  • Invest in themselves and their business.
  • Want to STOP chasing leads, and prefer to have their ideal clients reach out to them directly with interest in learning more about how they can help them.
  • Are willing to embrace a system that generates a steady flow of mid to high net-worth leads and new clients.
  • Want to manage their marketing in 15-30 minutes per day from their laptop – whether it’s from their home, office or even vacation.
  • Are tired of working too many hours and not earning the income they feel they deserve.
  • Want to spend more time with their family instead of constantly trying to figure out how to grow.

If that sounds like you and you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Register Now! 

“95% of your colleagues are using outdated marketing strategies that never generate 3 – 5 qualified leads or appointments per week. Start generating new clients every month until you decide to turn this marketing machine off.”

Juan Butler

Peak Prosperity Marketing Group

P.S. Just so you know, this has nothing to do with posting articles, updates, e-mails, cold calls, direct mail, seminars and/or paid advertising on LinkedIn.

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