Safe Money Broadcasting Enters Co-Marketing Agreement with LegacyShield to Help Advisors Better Educate and Serve Their Clients

Key West, Florida, February 27 – Safe Money Broadcasting (“SMB”), an Internet and media publishing company serving the financial services industry, has teamed up with LegacyShield Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of a consumer-centric engagement tool for the insurance and financial services spaces, to offer integrated services and pricing to financial advisors and agents nationwide.

Through this new strategic relationship, financial professionals can access a complete suite of leading business tools, resources, and marketing services to better engage, educate, and stay top-of-mind with their consumers.

Safe Money Broadcasting provides an array of digital, content marketing, and communications services to independent financial professionals., SMB’s flagship service, serves as a “Swiss army knife” of financial content marketing for advisors. Under a low-cost subscription model, advisors benefit from a library of unlimited educational content, print-on-demand reports and articles, a personal landing page, third-party branding & national credibility, personal coaching, and ongoing publishing services.

LegacyShield enables financial companies and advisors to build and protect their clients’ legacies in a military-grade secure online vault. With built-in tools including MyVault, MyAccounts, MyWishes, MyLife Stories, MyBasic Estate and MyFinancial View, consumers can organize, store, and share their most important life information in one place. LegacyShield also gives consumers the convenience of being able to see their banking, retirement accounts, life insurance policies, and other financial information, all in one report.

“LegacyShield’s new relationship with Safe Money Broadcasting is an exciting development,” said LegacyShield’s Founder & CEO, Michael Babikian. “Their content and services are a natural complement to the LegacyShield platform. LegacyShield helps advisors enhance consumer relationships through its critical legacy planning tools, and Safe Money enhances those opportunities with educational material that help consumers make informed, confident decisions.”

“This strategic relationship is a win-win for advisors for many reasons,” commented Brent Meyer, Founder & CMO of Safe Money Broadcasting. “With LegacyShield, advisors have a powerful value-add to cultivate their existing relationships for multi-generational planning. The LegacyShield platform also provides another channel for connecting with prospects, increasing business opportunities.”

“It’s a powerful solution for advisors to fine-tune their engagement with clients and to become a trusted resource for their clients and families,” Meyer concluded.

Under the agreement, advisors receive discounted pricing and have access to a comprehensive platform to market their businesses, strengthen consumer relationships, create referral opportunities, and grow their practices.

About Safe Money

Founded in 2011, Safe Money Broadcasting (“SMB”) is an independent media and publishing company serving the guaranteed retirement and insurance space. Financial professionals nationwide have worked with SMB’s team to develop marketing and client education strategies, increase their annuity and insurance business, and scale their practices. SMB has no business ties or obligations to any insurance companies or brokerages, enabling financial professionals to stay independent. For information visit

About LegacyShield

LegacyShield is a state-of-the-art, integrated, consumer-centric platform empowering financial service companies and advisors to grow their businesses, engage their consumers and protect legacies. LegacyShield is an experience that puts customers at the center by letting them choose how and when to connect with an aligned team of product manufacturers, distributors and agents.

LegacyShield helps customers organize their financial lives and tap into a digital network of offerings that help them prepare for the future while protecting their data through military-grade security. For more information, visit