Selling Insurance Low Tech Style

It’s not always about fancy, high-concept technology. Invention is indeed the Mother of Necessity. Innovation and life transforming solutions are often the result of end users simply being creative, resourceful and doing the same old thing – better!

The same is true with Insurance sales. Even without deploying Screaming Edge technology and tools, we can change the entire customer journey and experience by purely improving the Agent’s telephone Presentation. Almost every Policy is won or lost, not because of a flashy CRM or AMS, but due to an Agent investing in the Mastery of his/her craft with proven Sales Best Practices. Done over the phone.

Every Direct Marketing agency across the U.S. is filled with thousands of Average to Low Producers. The reality is that these poor sales reps actually hurt the customers by not helping them secure vital family protection.

The top 10% of Agents- those DM Rock Stars who write 1,000+ polices per year- all have access to the same products and utilize the same Agency Systems as the sucky performers.

Except they Close at a 3X rate!

What’s the difference??

Their secret is NOT more advanced technology- it’s 100% the result of Mastering their Habits and consistently providing the customer with a better, more controlled and expert Phone Presentation. The fundamental foundation and spring-board for Agent sales success on the phone is a manifestation of the acronym, “P.A.C.E.”

  • Professionalism
  • Authenticity
  • Control
  • Expertise

Professionalism goes beyond simply being courteous and knowing your product. That’s merely table stakes. It’s giving the customer something that they can’t get elsewhere. It’s true value. Find that something.

Authenticity can never be taught. In fact, the best thing an agent can ever do over the phone is be 100%+ themselves. Clients can tell when it’s forced or rehearsed. They hear fake in a heartbeat. The truth is it’s better to stumble over a few words than sound perfectly polished. Be you.

Control is about being in charge, being the expert. It’s a fine line between bossy and being the boss. However, when it comes to Insurance, clients want your mastery and being told what to do. They don’t want to be the expert or have to go read more about the subject. They want you to literally tell them what they should get. The best agents often say, “Here’s what I’d get for my Mom…”

Execution is about precision and finesse. It’s knowing when to tap into emotion, when to be direct and when to “ask for the sale.” It’s subtlety and listening. The trick is to master the first 3 parts (Habits) of your presentation so that when you get to the price point, you know automatically how to position yourself for the successful Close.

The great news is that these Life tele-sales skills are low tech, staring right in the mirror, and can be taught and mastered.  With desire, insight and the right coaching- Agents can transform their phone Presentation to produce Life changing results.

It starts with “Ya gotta wanna” and Closes with “7 Habits” mastery.

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